Portable magnetic 4-in-1 Mobile Power Supply for All Phones

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The One Snap-Portable Charging system

Portable and practical new mobile power supply,With three magnetic plugs,Avoid the cumbersome data lines,When you need to charge your device, simply remove one of the chargers from the base and snap it in!

  • Mini size makes it portable
  • Avoiding fully draining of your phone at emergency
  • Magnetic data cable is more convenient and fast
    No wiring limit-Say goodbye to traditional data cable!

    Waterproof, dustproof, anti-shock, skid resistance. Perfect for campers, hikers, skiers, construction workers, and many other outdoor enthusiasts.

    We use high-capacity lithium batteries with lithium cobalt oxide cathodes alongside a high-quality chipset from Neusoft. This provides an 90% boost to conversion efficiency. This tiny lightweight battery provides an iPhone 8 with 120% charge.

        • Multiple models of sockets, magnetic connection.
        • Four small mobile power supplies totaling 10000 mA
        • A mobile power base 8000 mAh