Smart Mini GPS For Car/Bikes/Kids with Real Time Tracking

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  • Best for Spying on Kids/Spouse/Car
  • Real-time Tracking with Google Maps
  • Voice Recording
  • Operate from Mobile App


Smart Mini GPS for Car/Bikes/Kids with Real-Time Tracking

The smartest, lightest, fastest GPS tracker ever… and first of its kind

Of all the reasons to get this mini GPS tracking device, the most important aspect may be TO KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE

If you could protect your CHILDREN and OBJECTS with a simple solution, why wouldn’t you?

Operate from Mobile App, Voice Recording, Real-time Tracking with Google Maps, and more… 

Extreme Accuracy. Location Updates. Remote Access. Highly Durable.

This device is not meant to invade your loved one’s privacy, but to help keep them safe. 

There is nothing more comforting than knowing everyone in your family is safe. 

You can rest assured that they are safe and sound with this innovative smart mini GPS tracker.  

  • Monitor children with behavioural problems 
  • Monitor children with special needs who wander 
  • Allows kids more freedom while being watched 
  • Keeps track of children in case of kidnapping or abduction 
  • You can also track the school buses in which your kids make their daily travel 
  • Track if they are going to school through the safe and regular route 
  • Track where they go after the schoo 
  • Track if there are any suspicious changes in the path they take
  • Keep track of your pet dog 
  • Keep an eye on your expensive bike or car when you are away

    Before something wrong happens, it is advisable to take IMMEDIATE PRECAUTIONS so that you and your family can be safe from any mishap. It is a hard reality so DON’T DENY it and take quick actions.

    Smart Mini GPS with Real-Time Tracking: Its “Never-Heard-Before” Features Will Amaze YouAnimated GIF

    • This Smart Mini GPS tracker is made of high-quality hard plastic. 
    • It is rough and tough and will not get damaged easily even if you drop it from heights. 
    • Its flexible design allows you to easily install it on your bike or car without any cable. 
    • It is incredibly tiny, that means you can slip it into your kids’ school bags as well. 
    • It has two powerful magnets inside, so it will remain attached to any vehicle strongly – no additional installation required
    • The device comes with a battery that you have to charge twice a month with a USB/Mobile cable.   
    • This smart GPS tracker works in conjunction with a free-to-download mobile application (available for Android and iOS).
    • It offers Real-Time tracking via your smartphone with the help of GOOGLE MAPS.   
    • With this GPS tracking device, you will not only be less troubled, but you will also have more time to relax, thanks to its REAL-TIME tracking functionality. 

    With a 3.7V 300mA lithium battery, this GPS tracker gets the total working time of 200 hours. Just put it in your children’s schoolbag and track their activity. 

    You will need a working 2G SIM card with a 2G network to integrate it with your GPS tracker. With uninterrupted network and power, you will be able to keep track of your children in CROWDED PLACES. Other benefits include:

    The BEST FEATURE: Voice Recording in Mini GPS Tracker

    When you think your child is taking a little too long to reach home even when he/she has made the regular route, it can be a bit suspicious. There is a possibility that a stranger may have confronted your child. In such situations, send a TEXT MESSAGE 555 to the SIM card number, and it will respond you with ‘Snd’ message before starting to record. This way you can know who your kid is talking to. If you think he/she is talking to a stranger who poses a threat, you can immediately dive yourself there or send help, as you already KNOW the LOCATION.

    Its all-new VOICE RECORDING feature is something that you will not find in other GPS devices at this price range. 

    • It records voice silently without alerting anyone
    • The sound quality is CLEAR and distortion-free 
    • Runs on less POWER 

    The Voice Recording feature is extremely useful in case if your vehicle gets stolen. 

    The STRONG MAGNETS ensures that it remains rigidly attached to the metal surface of your Car or Bike. The tracker is small enough to easily get FIXED to any Corner or surface of your vehicle. 

    This Mini Smart GPS tracker is based on entirely new technology. The tracker is powerful but not power-hungry. You only have to charge the tracker twice every 30 days for uninterrupted usage.