What is Style

What is Style

Selena Gomez

What Is Style?

Generally speaking, you know what style is.

It’s a way of presenting oneself to the world.

To be "stylish" means to wear clothes that reflect the latest trends, with just enough originality to avoid seeming like a copycat.

There are different styles of homes, cars, appliances, and even lives.

Our personal lifestyle reflects where we choose to live, dress, recreate, and socialize. Style is everywhere.

The Style Icon in This Post is Selena Gomez, an international singer, superstar, producer, actress, designer and she also knows her way around creating a fabulous outfit.

From her gorgeous gowns for red carpet events to her chic, casual looks when touring the globe, Selena’s style is just as on point as her vocal skills.

Whether you’re looking to channel her cute and casual daytime outfits or want to know how to recreate her sensational evening attire, these Post are defanitely for you.

In a series of Post we will explore different Styles of Selena Gomez..

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