Women across the world tend to confuse Fashion with Style

Women across the world tend to confuse Fashion with Style

Fashion is what is being offered and worn by most at any particular moment in time. It is a fad, a trend that does not last for long. When you are following fashion you are basically in a comparison mode, wanting to look and be seen like everyone else. You purchase and wear the same garments that are being offered in stores, depicted in magazines, and shown on the runway. It can be exhausting, not to mention quite a drain on your pocket, to have to keep up with the offerings each season.

Style on the other hand is unique, and very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Rather it is an indication of your persona. Fashion is over quickly, whereas style is forever.

Your style could be more about comfort than fashion, but by cultivating your own unique style you have adopted that innate capability now to be charismatic and confident. You are now the type of woman that everyone loves and is drawn towards. You become instantly and effortlessly attractive.

By cultivating your Style you’re building your own unique self-brand. You start exuding influence in just about any setting without even intending to do so. People start trusting you more and whatever words you say to them will carry more credibility because you are the living epitome of elegance. Your words, actions, mannerisms and confidence become apparent.

Your style and your image are very much tied to your success.

Have you ever wondered why you’re not closing more sales, getting those orders, winning those cases? Let’s face it, your self-confidence can be felt in a room, among your peers, and yes, even in a courtroom if you happen to be a lawyer or fighting to win a case.

Moreover your relationships, or the lack thereof, are intrinsically tied to your Style and how you come across to the world.

Knowing this then is it not time you did something about your Style?

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